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About Maedah Coffee

One of the first conversations with my wife, who did not like coffee, involved me vowing to her that I will one day make her enjoy coffee. Eventually, when my wife was pregnant with our daughter, guess what helped ease her nausea? Coffee! Well, iced-coffee. But coffee! That's when my appreciation for coffee became love. Over the years, I've been roasting, brewing, and engaging with the coffee community, refining my skills. Having visited coffee farms in Yemen, I've grown a unique appreciation for what it takes for a coffee seedling to reach the cup we enjoy.


It's a culmination of these experiences that resulted in the founding of Maedah Coffee. In Arabic, Maedah means a table spread filled with a variety of foods. We believe coffee is the same: a single cup that inspires a variety of cherished moments.

Come make coffee with us!



Our mission is to develop strong and long lasting relationships with coffee farmers, import ethically sourced coffee beans, strive constantly for high quality roasts, and provide our customers with a remarkable coffee experience!


Although we sell directly to consumers, we want to build long lasting relationships with cafe owners, restaurants, and grocery stores, who will be directly involved with how our coffee is brewed and served.


Most importantly, coffee is fun. We want our customers to thoroughly enjoy our products, our branding, our story, and our coffee.

And we do the same! Our exporting partners in Yemen are our friends. We donate portions of our profits directly to their farms so they can continue to build sustainable coffee farms. Follow us on Instagram and engage with us!

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