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Chaff in your beans?

Roasted coffee beans are a staple for millions of people all over the world. Whether you prefer a rich, dark roast or a light, flavorful one, you can find a coffee that suits your taste. However, as a coffee lover, you might have noticed that sometimes your roasted coffee beans come with a thin, papery layer known as chaff.

Chaff is the thin papery layer that comes off coffee beans during roasting. It contains natural oils and other compounds that can add complexity and depth to the coffee's flavor. This is especially true if the coffee has been roasted to a light or medium roast, as the chaff can help bring out the more delicate flavors in the beans.

So next time you see chaff on your coffee beans, don't fret - it's a natural and harmless part of the roasting process! If you notice chaff on our roasted coffee beans, remember - it's totally normal and even a good sign of high-quality coffee.

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